The Hall of Failure


with the Wing of Obsolescence


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Exhibit Hall #1 : Vacuum Failures

name of piece: 11" ASA to 10" Conflat Adapter
artist: John Boffard
date of acquisition: 1990
description: This expensive piece of Stainless Steel was made exactly as specified. However, the bolt circle for the twenty four 5/16-24 bolts had the last two digits in its size reversed. 9.128" became 9.182".

This flange was the first exhibit of the Hall of Failure.

name of piece: MoSGeP: Mobile Super Getter Pump
artist: Mark Lagus
date of acquisition: 1992
description: (taken directly from MEL's lab notebook)

Getter Pump. (Yeah, I got sucked in to the big lie like a small furry woodland creature by a bear).

Given our interpretation of the technical data presented in the engineering bulletin, we calculated that with a 4 inch piece of the provided sample Ti-Ta wire we could make a getter pump which @ 10-9 torr could pump 10,000 l/s. Heck even if we are a couple of orders of magnitude off, we still have a pretty decent pump.
The assembly drawing is shown below ...(but I suspect that one will be able to view it at one's leisure in the hall of obsolesence).
Editor: What insight!

name of piece: Plate Nuts
artist: John Boffard
date of acquisition: 1991
description: Used in the right way, these nuts simplify the assembly of vacuum chambers and flanges. But with a few crossed threads they become a painful nuisance on disassembly.
Curse this superhuman strength!

name of piece: Flexible Coupling
artist: Garrett Piech
date of acquisition: 1993
description: Part of the Quenching Fiasco, this mini-flange flexible coupling spontaneously developed a 1×3mm hole in it, while Garrett was watching it. Curse this heat-vision!

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