The Hall of Failure


with the Wing of Obsolescence

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There are two ways of dealing with the inevitable failures of life, to sweep them under the rug, or to proudly say "I screwed up big-time!" Luckily, in graduate school you are not fired for your incompetence. In fact, our advisors have said on more than one occasion, "you're not doing research if you're not breaking things."

Hence, for an affirmation of our hard work, we offer this collection of failures, goof-ups and other picturesque learning experiences. As an added bonus, in the Wing of Obsolescence we also have a selection of parts that worked (or may not have- some never even got a chance), but were replaced by something "better".

Enjoy.   And remember, these items were supplied by people who have (or soon will) Ph.D.'s ...


Exhibit Hall #1 : Vacuum Failures
A selection of vacuum hardware from design failures, to the curses of Superman (super-human strength and heat-vision too).

Exhibit Hall #2 : MoRf
Ever hear of the ozone hole? Now you will know the cause.

Exhibit Hall #3 : Quenching
Never before have so many labored so long and produced so little (except for all the neat additions to the Hall of Failure!).

Exhibit Hall #4 : Other Selections
Some of the many diasters that occurred outside of the realm of the above areas.

last updated: May-22-1997