Sterling Hall



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last updated: Oct-7-2000



Notes of interest

  • Tool-board design: Cow (painted 1998).
  • B645 used to be/still is a group storeroom. If your browser supports JavaScript, click on the picture of the lab to play a really dumb game.
  • B645 is also the home of...
    • SMAuBU (SMA-Boo), The Super Mobile Gold Blacking Unit
    • our stockpile of old, more-or-less worthless optics
    • our stockpile of old, more-or-less worthless electronics
    • our stockpile of old, but somewhat uselful electronics components
    • our stockpile of old and dangerous power supplies (including Honest Abe, and the Hernia Master).
    • a large collection of used Swagelok® fittings
    • a large number of allen wrenches
    • Ronald Reagan's head in an old vacuum chamber
    • the Bug-a-tron (you don't want to know)
    • a large supply of empty boxes and packing peanuts